Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About This Blog

A good first blog entry would be about why I started this blog (my first) and what I hope it to become. The reason for the timing is that my wife just started her own first blog on this site. In helping her out with it, I was able to witness how easy it was to set up. And by golly, if my wife is blogging, who knew little about computers before she met her software programmer hubby, I would be shaming my profession to allow such a state of affairs to continue.

Thus, I began thinking about what I might be motivated to write on, and I concluded that Sci-Fi films, shows, and novels, which I have loved my whole life, was a perfect candidate. It is something I have lots to say about but that few people I know are tolerant enough to let me indulge myself, at least to the degree that I can here, where a wider audience can pick and choose what they wish to attend to.

Here is a place to share thoughts and opinions on various films and television series in the science fiction world (and perhaps an occasional book/author) and find out if my own views are widely held or one of a thousand differing opinions. Here is a place to share cool stuff and stories of how I got interested in this or that and perhaps discover that someone else out there thinks or feels the same. In light of that, your comments and views are welcome.

Thank you for visiting...and, dare I say it? May the force be with you ;)

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