Monday, March 22, 2010

My Collection

Like many folks, for some time now I've had a collection of what used to be VCR's containing some of my favorite films. Several years ago, I began to notice a good proportion of them were science fiction films and so I created a special section just for those. The intent was to begin adding to that section some of the vintage sci-fi films that really make a great collection. Right now, there are few in the vintage category, which is great because it means there is a lot more yet to discover on that quest. For now, I am listing for posterity the films currently on the shelf and I suppose the only value to you the reader is to get sense of some of the topics that might appear later in the blog.

A little explanation first. This is a very short list. There is a definite special something in my head that makes me deem a film worthy of purchasing and keeping on the shelf, but I can't quite put a finger on it. There is some sort of uniqueness, integrity, "cool"-ness, who knows? One additional factor is the prospect of passing the collection on to my kids, so I do exclude some films purely for being not so family friendly. For example, I consider the original Alien to be one of the best sci-fi horror films ever, but it's not in the collection. I was torn in both directions on the Riddick Chronicles, and Pitch Black especially, but eventually let it go. So I admit this list has some agenda attached. And there are just tons of great films to discuss on the blog not in this short list. No one really needs to read this, but I nonetheless feel the need to have an official record - so here goes...

NOTE: Listed alphabetically, regardless of time period:

12 Monkeys
2001: A Space Odyssey
Aeon Flux
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Flash Gordon (1980)
Jurassic Park (no sequels)
Logan's Run
Matrix Trilogy (including Anamatrix)
Phase IV
Star Trek I, II, and III
Star Wars Trilogy (Original Episodes IV, V, and VI)
Terminator I and II(2)
The Andromeda Strain
The Last StarFighter ;)
Titan A.E. (just barely)

One super-hero film in the collection, the original Superman: The Movie, almost plays like a sci-fi thanks to the opening sequences, so it's included too. But purist that I am, the treasured LOTR trilogy and others like it remain squarely in the fantasy section.

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